At A.G.W Domestic Services we know how important your washing machine is to you. That’s why we offer prompt callouts, friendly service and efficient repairs in Farnborough courtesy of professional engineers.

All washer & dryer issues expertly resolved

Make your washer and dryer work for you – not the other way round!
Can you imagine trying to get by without your washing machine, especially if you have a full household whose clothes need to be kept clean, soft and smelling good on a daily basis? Washing machines are true troopers when it comes to making our lives easier, but can be notoriously frustrating when they go wrong!

​Luckily, A.G.W Domestic Services are on hand to fix any problem you may have with your washing machine or your tumble dryer. Contact us to let us know what issues you are experiencing.

All common issues fixed:

Failure to start
Water won’t drain
Excessive noise/vibrations

Comprehensive repairs

Won’t spin
Leaks from door or soap drawer

We fix tumble dryers too

Dryer won’t start
Vented dryer repair
Clothes not drying
Won’t spin
Won’t heat up

Contact A.G.W Domestic Services for professional washing machine and tumble dryer repair